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Barry Carter Talks About “Ormus” White Gold Powder

Monday, September 22, 2008 by: Kevin Gianni,

This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni’s Renegade Water Secrets, which can be found at (http://www.renegadewatersecrets.com) . In this excerpt, Barry Carter shares an introduction to ormus and the story of how it caught and kept his interest.

Kevin: Great. Why don’t we just start with talking a little about yourself and how you got into the subject of water and some of the elements in water.

Barry: Well, back in about 1989 a friend of mine, a guy named Jim, accidentally got his hands on some gold mine waste water that had been treated with ozone and this particular ozone was not usual ozone. It was particularly powerful and this water, though he only touched it briefly for a matter of seconds, when he opened it, it shocked him. It shocked him from just having his hand on one side and the other side of the coupler pipe, the plastic coupler. That shouldn’t have shocked him from that short of a distance. He was standing on an overturned plastic bucket which made a ground or something like that and when he opened his hands up, fibers of gold came out the back of his hand.

Kevin: Really?

Barry: And this raised the question of how did that gold get in his hand and what was really going on here? This was pretty strange. From that single exposure he got really quite sick and the doctors diagnosed him as having lead and arsenic poisoning. So lead and arsenic must have gotten inside of him in a similar way. What we think is they got in him as ormus and due to the high energy in the materials, they converted to metal and that’s what made him toxic.

A lot of other unusual things happened around this time to Jim. I was working with Jim at the time on various projects including an ozone generator and Jim kind of recorded a lot of really, really strange things happening. For example, at one point he recorded that a puddle of water had formed under one of his devices he was using to purify water. A puddle of water would move across the floor toward the nearest person. Right there and then I knew this was a little bit strange.

I really wanted to know more about it, but Jim didn’t want to have anything to do with it, because it was too scary. This was something that basically almost killed him. Fortunately, after about eighteen months of being really, really sick, which was more like going through a detox than going through dying, he got better and better over time, but he was sleeping all the time and couldn’t get much work done. I suggested that he might try hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide elated or precipitated the toxic metal out of his body. He finally went to the doctor, but this was like in 1989 and at that time nobody had ever heard of David Hudson. In 1995, a gentleman sent me a tape and said, “Barry, you’ve got to listen to this.” I was doing environmental work at the time and I thought it was a tape related to Ayurvedic medicine. The friend that sent it was into that and so I just put it on a shelf and a few weeks later he called me and said, “Well, what did you think of the tape?” And I was like, “Oh, I haven’t listened to it yet. I’m sorry, I’ll listen to it.” I moved it over on the shelf by my stereo and a week later he called me again and said, “Barry, what did you think of the tape?”

"Oh, I’ll listen to it someday. I’m a little busy now," and he says "It’s about what happened to Jim." And I said "Really? I’ll listen to it right now." So I listened to it and it was about David Hudson, the guy who discovered that if there were these materials, that if you dried them out in the sunlight, they disappeared in a flash of light. And I said, "That’s the same thing that happened to Jim." And if you dry them out in the dark, well –- he didn’t dry them out in the dark. He heated and cooled them, heated and cooled them in inert gases a bunch of times and they’d float away from your hand. But Jim, when he just dried this stuff out in the dark, it would levitate away from your hand. This was too much of a coincidence to be just a coincidence. These things have to be related somehow. And so I told Jim about it and made an arrangement to go to David Hudson’s lecture in Portland and Jim didn’t have any money at the time and I paid his way to the lecture. We heard David Hudson talk about this stuff and you know, "By golly, this is amazing stuff. We’ve got to look into this a bit." And so we did.

Kevin: So let’s get to the basics for people who’ve never even heard what ormus is. Can you give, I guess, a beginner’s introduction to it?

Barry: Sure, imagine that there’s a bunch of nutrients like vitamin C or B vitamins or calcium or magnesium, nutrients that nobody ever knew about up until now. Or let’s say science didn’t know about them. Maybe ancient people knew about them, but modern people don’t know anything about them. And these nutrients, because of their nature –- the way they work physically, as physical substances — they’re very, very difficult to identify using modern spectroscopic analysis and so on. And these nutrients are essential nutrients. You need them in your body and in fact, they’re even in the air and all water and everything that we eat, but we’re doing a lot of things to them that we really don’t know that we’re doing to them. We’re doing things like, oh, using cell phones and that destroys them; or using microwave ovens and that destroys them; or cooking on electric burners, that dries them off. All of the things that we do with these nutrients to damage them or drive them away depletes them in our body, so we don’t get as many of these nutrients. So when we start getting them, all kinds of wonderful things happen.

Now, the interesting thing about these nutrients is that they have a very unexpected source. Like gold and silver and platinum and other precious metal elements have this kind of ormus form where they literally take on a different atomic form and they’re no longer functional as metal. They no longer even behave like metal. In fact, if you have the ormus form of gold or silver, it looks like a white powder; or like an oil, and in this other form, their very beneficial, whereas as metal, they may be toxic. So doing anything that would convert them from the ormus form to the metallic form probably isn’t a good thing. People have actually done that. They’ve actually converted these from metal and then back from metal –- from metal to ormus and then back from ormus to metal –- and the processes they used were things like heating them on an electric burner to convert the metal, or putting them in a microwave oven and microwaving it to convert the metal. So, we have a pretty good idea what they are and what happens to them under certain circumstances that people are doing all the time.

Now, what we’re finding is that these elements in their ormus form, are very, very beneficial to plants, animals and people. We’ve got studies of a quarter of a million chickens that were fed ormus that was made from sea water. Sea water specifically, and all these chickens experienced improved health, improved growth and reduced conditions like chickens when they grow too fast, often their legs will… the bones in their legs will get rubbery. It’s what they call rubber legs. They literally will not support the body. Well, these chickens grew fast and didn’t have rubber legs, things like that have happened and have been measured.

We’ve also got evidence that it’s incredibly beneficial for plants and the incredible plant benefits include… I’ve got pictures on my website of walnuts that were grown. Two sets of walnuts –- one that was grown on a tree that was given ormus and the other set that was grown on a tree that wasn’t given ormus. Trees that were planted in the same place at the same time, from the same seed stock and after about four years of growth, the ormus tree (the tree that was given the ormus) had walnuts on it that were four and a half times the size of the tree that didn’t have it.

Kevin: Wow.

Barry: And this was in an area that probably shouldn’t have been growing these walnuts in the first place. And admittedly, the original walnut –- the walnut that didn’t get ormus –- wasn’t very big, but the walnuts that were given ormus, they were the size of a tennis ball. Huge walnuts. We’ve seen the same thing with oranges and virtually every other plant that we’ve ever heard of.

To read the rest of this transcript as well as access 6 different water experts just like Barry Carter, to discover your most pressing questions about water, please visit (http://www.RenegadeWaterSecrets.com).

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/024269_Ormus_water_powder.html#ixzz1BuH9pXUm

Book: ORMUS ~ Modern Day Alchemy

About the book:

Throughout the ages what was the desired object of those practicing the “art of alchemy?” What was so engaging it held the undivided attention of the sons of art and science? What material caused philosophers, such as Nicholas Flamel, to devote their life to its discovery?

This substance is nothing less than grounded in the possibility of nature and is the very spirit and the soul they felt resided in organic matter, stone, metal and water. Alchemists called this the “essential salt” of the material, and for students of the secret sciences its collection began after decomposing the subject, “opening” the source matter, and releasing its “essential salt.”

The gathered “spirit” was a key to health and enlightenment and the completed work commanded such titles as The Balsam of Life, The Blessed Liquor, The Green Lion, and the renowned Stone of the Philosophers. The Hermetic Tracts of true masters were valued and veiled: their understanding was carefully hidden within metaphors and their methods listed non-chronologically. It is no surprise that over time many of the old writings became lost or concealed in private collections or else forgotten.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s David Hudson, an Arizona agriculturist, discovered ORME (orbitally rearranged molecular elements) and found these materials shared characteristics of that “essential salt” sought by alchemists. The knowledge of ORME is a wondrous bridge between the ancient work of the masters and the world of new possibilities. ORME material displays amazing effects on plants, animals and humans.

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Week X

I took a break from ORMUS due to financial constraints. (This stuff’s expensive - I need to start making my own). And yet - the experiment must go on, as this is one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever come across. So anyways - I got a nice little cash influx over the holidays & ordered (x4) 100mL bottles of Tibetan Gold - Golden emperor sunlight, they were delivered Jan 9th. (FYI - they now sell 500mL bottles which are far better value). I gave one to my mom to try. The rest I’m guzzling. I’m almost through the first bottle.

So over the past few weeks - just for fun I’ve doubled the recommended dose. The first thing I noticed was my hair growing much faster. I have bangs (aka fringe) & typically I need to trim em once every couple of months - I had to trim them twice this month alone. Also I’ve been battling a serious bout of depression since Nov - and for the first time in months I feel ok. I don’t feel great by any means, but at least I can function & leave the house. I’d be curious to know if anyone else has experienced this? If ORMUS helps alleviate depression - I think this is something most people would find value in. It sure beats taking expensive & physiologically dangerous pharmaceuticals. 

How to make Ormus


It is believed that Ormus elements are meant to be an integral part of our physiology, from our skin, nails and hair, all the way to the blood, brain and the rest of our organs, into the DNA structure itself. Ormus elements are believed to restore the original DNA structure, possibly even assisting in its evolution.

Without access to these basic Ormus elements, the body uses whatever it can to complete its makeup, even to the point of accepting inferior materials to complete and maintain its living structure. Nature abhors a vacuum and therefore makes do with whatever is available.

The Ormus elements in the high-spin state are energetically drawn into the deficient structure, filling voids and replacing the substandard elements previously used in the absence of Ormus elements. The structure of the immune system, for one, is optimized by this process.

The implications of this are enormous. For example, where there is plentiful Ormus in the body, surprisingly rapid healing of damaged skin and muscle tissue has taken place, with minimal scarring.

This would indicate the increased efficiency of healing-energy transfer and increased new cell-growth response to the damaged tissue. It is easy to understand by extrapolation that increases of this type could naturally extend the normal healthy lifespan.

As scientific research sheds more light on additional measurable characteristics and reproducible behavior of Ormus in the human body, we hope to see the development of new applications for Ormus technology in treating a wide spectrum of deficiency-related disease.

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Week 5

Feeling about the same - nothing out of the ordinary - no super powers. Damn. 

Something I noticed is that when I drink - the hangover is 10x worse than before. My haunch is that either ORMUS amplifies the after-affects of intoxicants - or - increases my awareness of the effects such substances have on my mental/emotional state. All I know is the next day or two after I drink - I find I’m more sensitive, irritable, and my mind wanders to a point where I want to rip my head off & throw it across the field.


Don’t drink & ORMUS.

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